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Factory Manager Software

FACTORY MANAGER SOFTWARE is designed to be utility reducing workload on people involved in day to day operations. The word Factory has been chosen as it is synonym to entire plant of any size and hue. Factory manager system software is a definitive approach encompassing all facets of managing operations.

FACTORY MANAGER therefore represents a utility that has plantwide applications. It is an evolving utility and has the flexibility to adeptly adopt itself in any task aimed at improving efficiency and reducing costs. In doing so this utility configures itself into a customized format and helps in optimizing applications. Factory Operations are dependent on machine conditions and their identification, detection, measurement and assessment. Simple hand-held devices like meters, data collectors and analysers participate in this process. However manual data collection and assessment results in very inefficient use of time and resources.

FACTORY MANAGER meets this need of efficient data management and intelligent analytical formatting. It has simple and intuitive data display and structuring schemes that make it highly user friendly. In its current form FACTORY MANAGER is Vibration Data Collector and Route Management Software. However it is UNIQUE in many ways. due to versatility of application and data management.

Unique Attributes
Single User as well as Networking User Configurations
Single software that runs on multiple databases,
Single Software that works with many hardware from different origin
Low cost with comprehensive vibration route management and
Freedom of operating from anywhere and from any computer
No time lock i.e. use for ever without any liability to buy upgrades.
Highly user-friendly Windows Like intuitive operation and navigation
Useful to any skill-level user and exceeds most common requirement
Best display using1152 x 864 pixel size.

Factory Manager Software

FACTORY MANAGER lays emphasis on speed versus memory use and has Simpler installation procedure. It provides Easy upload and download of data. It provides multiple manipulative options for every feature and function in order to facilitate intelligent formatting for study of patterns and indications in the data. For any errors it creates Error Logs for correction as appropriate. This in turn becomes a great training and learning tool. Above all this Factory Manager is open for Customisation for OEMs. Factory Manager has endless list of Facilities some of which are:
Create, Modify, Delete and Upload / Download the routes.
Copy and Paste the Hierarchical elements / Parameters
Delete the Elements and Search/Find, Search & Replace Element type
Automatic Creation of complete hierarchy from an existing database file
Create, Open or Delete a database.
Download Route not uploaded by Factory Manager Software
More than 50 In-built standard report formats
Change the Standard Report settings / Format / design

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