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SV corporation

SV corporation
The 795M is an economical portable single channel multi-function data collector with FFT spectrum analyzer. It is versatile for overall values measurement, bearing condition diagnostic, spectrum diagnosis and in-situ-multi-plane balancing of rotating machinery (up to 8 planes of correction, up to16 point to check vibration). It is a simple and useful device used for easy condition monitoring and unbalance correction of any rotating equipment found almost in every process industries. With the Windows based program “ConSpect” software, it is easy to use, cost effective, scalable solution that meets the needs of the novice as well as advanced user. The small, rugged, and light weight IP 65 design makes it deal with any harsh industrial environments. Features Vibration measurement of Velocity, Acceleration and Displacement Trending of characteristics overall values Shock pulse measurement for anti-bearing Frequency spectrum analysis Time- domain spectrum analysis Envelope spectrum analysis for ball and slider bearing Display of true RMS and Peak-to-Peak values (pls verify having this function?) Non-contact infra-red tachometer sensor for rotation frequency Phase measurement Run-up / Coast-down measurement Dynamic multi-plane balancing of up-to 8 plane Rechargeable battery saving to trouble of battery replacement and money.

Vibration Measuring Instruments

Technical Specifications
Input Signal Type: Charge (piezoelectric accelerometer)
Signal: RMS, Peak, Peak-to-Peak, True Peak, True Peak-to-Peak
Measurement Parameters: Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement,
Time-domain, Spectrum, dB
Normalised, Phase
Frequency Range: 1 Hz to 10kHz
Sampling rate: 33 kHz

Dynamic Frequency Range
Acceleration: 1 – 10000 Hz (-3dB) & 0.01 – 500 m/s2
Velocity: 1 – 16 Hz (-3dB) & 0.8 - 5000 mm/s
10 – 1000 Hz (-3dB) & 0.1 - 79 mm/s
Displacement: 1 – 16 Hz (-3dB) & 0.05 - 50 mm
10 – 100 Hz (-3dB) & 0.003 - 1.2 mm
10 – 1000 Hz (-3dB) & 0.003 - 0.02 mm
Accuracy: ±5%

FFT Spectrum resolution: 400, 800, 1600 lines@0.6,1.0,2.0sec
Windows weighting function: Hanning, Blackman-harris & Rectangular
Averaging mode: Time domain: Linear, exponential
Frequency domain: Linear, exponential
Trigger mode Free, Internal or Ext. on fall or rise pulse trigger
One-third octave: 34 bands w/ central frequencies from 4 to 8000 Hz
Phase angle range: 0℃ to 360℃
RPM: 20 to 200000 rpm ± 1 RPM
Max. acceleration: 10 m/s2
Max. acceleration at shock: 50 m/s2
Pulse duration: 10 – 12.5 μsec
Total shock number: 1000
Housing material: ABS
Environmental Protection: IP65 (water spray resistant, shock and dustproof)
Operating temperature: -10℃ to 50℃ (a bit low temp for 35℃, pls double check)
Relative humidity: up to 80%
Battery & operating life: 4.8Volts, 8 hours continuous operating
Automatic shutoff: Yes
Memory capacity: 2 MB
Com interface: Serial port

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