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Our product range includes a wide range of machine vibration analysis service, thermography services, noise and vibration impact assessment on buildings, vibration and sound instrument repairing services, vibration monitoring training and vibration instrument calibration services.

Machine Vibration Analysis Service


Machine Vibration Analysis Service
  • Machine Vibration Analysis Service
  • Machine Vibration Analysis Service
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Approx. Rs 18,500 / UnitGet Latest Price

Product Details:
Analytical Service FrequencyYearly
Certification RequiredYes
Testing TypeCondition Monitoring
Audit TypeInternal
Preferred Audit LocationAny


Vibration Analysis Service is the primary diagnostic tool for most mechanical systems. Machinery Vibration Diagnosis and Analysis involves a systematic study right from the present condition of vibrations of the machine, diagnosis of the problem areas and suggestive rectifications / repairs. This maintains optimum operating conditions and efficiency of critical plant systems.

We at iAdept perform a detailed stock taking and sequencing process before the start of the condition-monitoring program using the latest instruments / tools from the most trusted brands of industry. The plan for data collection, follows thereafter.


  • All the machines are physically checked,
  • Measuring points are identified,
  • Time interval between two measurements is fixed (this depends on the criticality of the machine)
  • Vibration Measuring parameters are decided (velocity, acceleration and displacement).
  • Vibration measurements are recorded and provided to the user.
  • A detailed frequency analysis is performed
  • The exact cause of vibration is identified and corrective action is suggested for exceptional points. If Machine Imbalance is concluded to be the cause of increased Vibration levels, On-site Dynamic Balancing of rotor is performed without dismantling the rotor from the assembly.
  • Numerous causes of vibration in machines that could be diagnosed using vibration analysis by our team include
  • Unbalance or misalignment.
  • Mechanical looseness,
  • Bad drive belts or chains,
  • Bad bearings (anti friction type),
  • Hydraulic forces,
  • Bent shafts,
  • Electromagnetic forces,
  • Aerodynamic forces,
  • Resonance, worn, damaged or eccentric gears and rubbing
  • Another application for vibration analysis is also used as an acceptance test to verify that a machine repair was done properly. The analysis can verify whether proper maintenance was carried out on bearing or gear installation, or whether alignment or balancing was done to the required tolerances.

Additional Information:

  • Pay Mode Terms: Other
  • Port of Dispatch: New Delhi
  • Delivery Time: 72 hrs
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Thermography Services


Thermography Services
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Approx. Rs 18,500 / UnitGet Latest Price

Product Details:
Need Standard CertificationYes
Mode of ReportSoft Copy, Hard Copy
Testing AreaMechanical
Type of TestingLeakage Testing
Test LocationIn Laboratory
Need Test Result>24 Hours

We have specialized equipment to measure temperature and/or to record thermal images of the electrical as well as other equipment by Thermography Service. These instruments provide indicative information on hot spots or hot areas or real images of the targets under analysis. The data can then be recorded and converted into guidance reports on PC. It is very effective technique and is completely safe process of defect analysis.

Thermography services plays a crucial role in:

  • Energy audits of commercial and residential structures in order to determine the energy efficiency of the building (building diagnostics)
  • Inspection of electrical panels, Overhead cables motors, pumps, bearings etc. in predictive maintenance domain, Human and Animal medical diagnosis, Thermal Data collection in Agriculture or other R&D applications.
  • Roofing diagnostics that determine wet and damaged insulation or leaks in flat roof structures
  • Heat loss evaluation of buildings and products
  • Enhanced visibility in stormy conditions day or night
  • Roofing diagnostics that determine wet and damaged insulation or leaks in flat roof structures
  • Termites are huge problem because they eat wood and damage houses and buildings. Detection is difficult and traditional Methods rely on knocking on wood. Thermal imaging is being used to successfully locate termites in buildings in a non-destructive manner.
  • Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning
  • Leak and humidity detection
  • Floor heating and building envelope thermography
  • Air tightness testing
  • Door seal inspection
  • Wall seal heat loss inspection
  • Moisture, within the structure, floor and roof thermography inspection
  • Covered openings searches within walls
  • HVAC, electrical systems inspections
  • Pest inspections
  • Missing insulation
  • And many other inspections
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Noise And Vibration Impact Assessment On Buildings


Noise And Vibration Impact Assessment On Buildings
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Approx. Rs 41,000 / OPERATIONGet Latest Price

Product Details:
Mode of ReportSoft Copy
Coverage Area500 to 1000 Square Feet
Application AreaIndustrial
Application Area Located atUrban Area
Assessment Period24 to 36 Hours

We offer Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment on Buildings. We also have a business arranged with AV Engineers of Spain for railway related products in this domain. The major sources for noise and vibration pollution are machines, aircraft ground, transportation and power generator etc.

Most Governments have laid down permissible limits of Noise Levels Industrial areas

  • Industrial areas
  • Commercial areas
  • Residential areas
  • Silence Zones

We undertake noise and vibration related measurements, analysis, prediction and recommend mitigation measures if required.


Noise Analysis sometimes involves Octave Analysis and Noise Modeling to identify most detrimental frequency bands and most affected zones


All Buildings, suffer from vibration due to various causes like vehicular traffic, Construction activity in the vicinity, Running of heavy machines in adjacent buildings, demolition or blasting work in surrounding areas or Supersonic airplane flights. The vibration can be a cause of discomfort to the occupants or damage to buildings.


We undertake measurement of Noise and Vibrations on buildings from the perspective of their impact on inmates as well on the building structure. We undertake them as per the local Government regulations and standards.


The basic process regarding vibration measurements involves assessment of the vibration amplitude and frequency. This is required to determine the effect the vibration has on the building and its' occupants and whether damage could be caused to the structure. Measurements of vibrations can have two aims, determining comfort or risk of damage to the building or realated installations. We measure vibrations both in domestic houses and in business buildings.


Most Governments have laid down standards for vibration measurements and assessment of its impacts. A buildings' structural response is usually affected by duration, amplitude and frequency of vibration. We take into consideration all these and related aspects while carrying out the assignments of this nature.

We also employ modelling software for analysing the noise or vibration environment and to predict the impacts on the objects surrounding the measurement location.


The period of monitoring varies as per the vibration level, duration and impacted subjects.

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Vibration And Sound Instrument Repairing Services


Vibration And Sound Instrument Repairing Services
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Approx. Rs 9,000 / Inspection ChargesGet Latest Price

Product Details:
Instrument TypeMeasuring Instrument
Calibration Interval3 Months
Calibrated ForCustomer Requirement
Industry TypeAll
Inspection methodSpecific instrumentation
Mode of reportHard copy
Inspection service forEquipment

iAdept has pioneered in the field of Repair, and Rectification of Vibration Measuring Analyzing and Data Collection Instrument of any make and origin. We offer these services at competitive charges. Through this unique service, we have created a niche in this business arena and have satisfied a large number of reputed clients all over the country. Our company is backed by highly qualified and experienced engineers technicians having industrial acumen, which enables us to meet expectations of clients.

We do repairs and rectifications for conditions monitoring products which includes.

  • Proper assessment of instrument.
  • Replacement of old / damaged parts with a new one.
  • These instruments could be of any make / model or origin.
  • We also provide all accessories for condition monitoring products e.g.

1. Sensor and cables with magnet

2. Memory card and card reader.

3. LCD’s

4. Batteries and battery chargers

5. Connectors like LEMO, Fisher, TNC, BNC, MIL (2, 3, 4 pin), micro dot.

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Vibration Monitoring Training


Vibration Monitoring Training
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Approx. Rs 32,000 / DayGet Latest Price

Product Details:
Service TypeMachine Condition
Condition TypeProcess Definition
Test LocationAs required
Testimonial FormatHardcopy

On Site and City Based Training on Machine Vibration, Thermography Condition Monitoring.

Machine Vibrations:


  • Three-day training Programme on Basics of vibration, vibration analysis and single plane balancing. A hands-on three-day course beginners and start-up companies in the field of Vibration analysis. Includes Vibration signature analysis and related condition monitoring techniques.
  • Three-day Programme on Advance Vibration Analysis. Includes some intricate analysis techniques like diagnosis of motors using MCSA, time waveform, Modal and Operating Deflection Shape analysis, sleeve bearing analysis, orbit and shaft centerline, transient analysis, order tracking, Torsional vibrations etc. Participants are expected to have sufficient basic knowledge equivalent to Three day basics programme described above.
  • Integrated Programme for 5 days covering both options 2 and 3.
  • Completely Computer Based training Following Category 2/3 of ISO 18436-2:2003 Syllabus and concluded with an exam inclusive of supply of one CD with one license for future revisions. This is an interactive package and is taught through direct interactions on the computer of each participant. They can see visually all vibration patterns and physical behaviour of the machines under each type of conditions. They can also create these defects as per their own perception on the models seen on the computer. Maximum No of Participants in this programme will be six.
  • ASNT Level II Vibration Training Certification Course
  • Programme with dynamic balancing, alignment, lubrication and resonance concepts.
  • Exposure to acoustic emission, thermography, Wear Debris analysis, wear particle sizing, motor testing etc.
  • Analyser features and its settings, and settings for different types of machines
  • Spectrum, time waveforms, bearing faults , and phase measurements
  • Diagnosis of unbalance, misalignment, bent shaft, looseness, gearbox faults, resonance, and other conditions.
  • ISO Category IV Training and Certification - Coming Soon




  • Level I thermography training course completion provides Level I Thermographer Certification and it meets SNT-TC-1A recommendations for Thermal/Infrared by the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT).
  • No experience in thermography is necessary
  • Use of thermal imaging for predictive maintenance applications.
  • Collecting temperature readings, correct for distances and emissivity.
  • Heat transfer concepts in regards to thermal images, inspection report and software.
  • Hot spots and reflections, qualitative vs. quantitative thermography.
  • Closely simulate real-world infrared applications


Course Includes:


  • Applications Overview, Camera Setup and Operation,
  • Fundamentals, Conduction and Convection, Radiation resistance, capacitance, and Measurement process explanation
  • Electrical generation and distribution system Applications, Mechanical Applications, and Building
  • Applications
  • Reflection, Transmission, Emission
  • Safety, and more


Condition Monitoring:

  • Awareness Course
  • Exposure to various Machine condition monitoring technologies like
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Thermography
  • Laser Alignment
  • Lubrication and Lubricant Management
  • Wear debris Analysis and particle sizing
  • Ultrasonic Analysis Techniques
  • Acoustic Emission Techniques
  • Motor Current Signature Analysis
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Vibration Instrument Calibration Services


Vibration Instrument Calibration Services
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Approx. Rs 36,500 / Per ServiceGet Latest Price

Product Details:
Instrument TypeLaboratory Instrument
Calibration IntervalOne Time Requirement
Calibrated ForManufacturer
Industry TypeAny

We undertake calibration of vibration, sound instruments and related accessories like sensors, strobes and tachos. These instruments and accessories could be of any make or origin. Our calibrations are traceable to National Standards and valid as per the user's policies. In most cases the instrument calibration is run using software programme and test reports and calibration certificates are generated by software.

Some of the items calibrated by us are listed for reference



  • Vibration transducers e.g. accelerometers, velocity transducers and proximity probes of any origin and make / model.
  • Vibration meters and FFT analyzers data collectors of SKF, ENTEK, MIL, Rockwell or Allen Bradley, B K, Schenck, Benstone, IMV, SPM, Etc.
  • Vibration calibrators of any make or origin PCB, Endevco, MMF, Sendig and many others


  • Sound level meters, sound analyzers, and sound intensity equipment of any make or origin such as Lutron, Matrevi, Castle, Swantek, IMV, ACO, etc.
  • Sound calibrators of most origins and makes can be calibrated by us and list is ever expanding.


  • Stroboscopes and Tachometers working on pulse monitoring system are calibrated by us. These could be from Monarch Instruments, Lutron, others of any origin and make.
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Environmental Noise Assessment


Environmental Noise Assessment
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Approx. Rs 18,500 / UnitGet Latest Price

Product Details:
Assessment TypeIdentify Noise Issues and Sources
Source of NoiseNear By Roads
Application AreaRoad Traffic
Coverage Area100 to 500 Square Feet
Mode of ReportSoft Copy
Need ApprovalsYes

We are the only company in India providing Environmental Noise Assessment Services conforming to International Standards.

IAdept has excelled in providing a complete range of services related to environmental noise coupled with unique engineering expertise in noise control. Having completed prestigious projects viz. EIA study for the laying of New Corridor for Indian Railways, our reputation is based on providing clients with thorough, accurate and reliable assessments and predictions, coupled with innovative and very low cost noise control methods.

A complete cycle of Environmental Noise and Vibration Services involves:


  • Detailed Surveys
  • State-of-art equipment based monitoring
  • Accurate and reliable prediction
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Mitigation and environmental noise control

The environmental noise and vibration assessments application areas include :

  • Proposed residential developments near roads,
  • Railways, industry, airports, proposed new road and railway schemes, industrial premises, airports,
  • New or extended quarries, landfill sites, extended industrial sites and facilities,
  • Construction noise and vibration reduction, demolition noise and vibration assessment and control
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Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Services


Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Services
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Approx. Rs 2.75 Lakh / UnitGet Latest Price

Product Details:
Testing TypePressure Test
Preferred LocationOn-Site
Certification RequiredYes
Preferred Measuring TypeMetric, Imperial
Inspection TypeInternal

Flow meters offer various process input, output and serial communication options which enable them to be embedded into process control systems. Due to their flexibility, flow meters, that we use for providing Ultrasonic flow measurement services, can also be installed in non-standard surroundings.

We also offer training service which is available to everyone who has purchased one of our flow meters and it can be carried out on-site or - if preferred - at our in-house training facilities. The training sessions typically consist of:


  • Classroom lectures on the theory of clamp-on flow measurement
  • Introduction to the flow meters series and their operation
  • Guidelines on sensor mounting and positioning
  • Supervised on-site installation practice
  • Question and answer session
  • Issuing of certificates for employee training records


The Industries where Ultrasonic Flow Measurement find extensive usage are :

1) Water Supply Wastewater Services:


  • Monitoring of water mains and supply lines
  • Controlling of chemical dosing
  • Valve and pump controlling
  • Raw water monitoring
  • Sludge metering


2) Manufacturing Process Industries:


  • Consumption and discharge monitoring
  • Permanent monitoring of cooling lines
  • Plastic molding machine systems
  • Controlling of HVAC systems
  • Product identification
  • Process automation
  • Injection controlling


3) Aircraft Aerospace Industries:

  • Fuel distribution measurements
  • Hydraulic flow measurements

4) Marine Shipbuilding:


  • Inline flow meter performance verification
  • Inspection of fire extinguisher systems
  • Pump and valve testing and inspection


5) Power Generation:


  • Feed water, cooling water and condensate flow metering
  • Pump, valve and inline flow meter performance verification
  • Leakage and blockage detection
  • Metering of fly ash disposal lines
  • Heavy fuel oil metering


6) Building Services:


  • Pump, valve and inline flow meter performance verification
  • Measurements on water supply and disposal lines
  • Boiler plant and air conditioning controlling
  • Balancing of heating and cooling systems
  • Inspection of air conditioning units
  • Testing of fire sprinkler systems
  • Water consumption monitoring


7) Pharmaceutical:


  • Feed and wastewater metering during membrane processes
  • Measurement of supplied raw water to pretreatment facilities
  • Recycle and recovery flow rate metering on RO systems
  • Feed water metering for softening and deionization units
  • Backwash flow rate measurements


8)Petrochemical :


  • High concentration sulphuric acid measurements
  • Permanent metering of formaldehyde plants
  • Concentration measurement on acids
  • Effluent treatment plant metering
  • Metering of hydrocarbon flows
  • Condensate metering


9) Semiconductors and electronics industry:

  • Measurement of precipitants, reducing and replacement agents
  • Pump, valve and inline flow meter performance verification
  • Measurement of waste water discharges
  • Monitoring of hydrofluoric acid systems
  • Ligands / complexing agents metering
  • Metering of board rinsing systems
  • Ultrapure water measurement.
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Transport Noise Assessment


Transport Noise Assessment
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Approx. Rs 23,000 / UnitGet Latest Price

Product Details:
Service TypeNoise Evaluation
Application AreaOffice and Corporate
Coverage Area500 to 1000 Square Feet
Source of NoiseVehicle/Heavy Equipment Traffic

  • Collection of Railway Noise / vibration Data at Source Level: This covers the measurement of noise / vibration levels of railway in survey areas:
  • Measurement of baseline data of railway noise / vibration around features and sensitive receptors in terms of LAE, LAeq etc.
  • Attenuation patterns development.
  • Estimation of the additional noise / vibration with respect to various scenarios.
  • Interview surveys and other support activities related to above scope.
  • Road Traffic Noise/Vibration.
  • Road traffic noise / vibration may be included in the scope of the study, such as traffic of vehicles coming to/ from ICD/FLP.

Estimation of Noise / Vibration Level in construction phase:

1) Estimation and Evaluation of Noise / vibration Levels in the Construction Stage

Estimation of noise / vibration levels caused by construction equipment and vehicles during construction.

Data collection and analysis of noise / vibration levels from construction equipment and vehicles

2) Estimation and Evaluation of Noise / Vibration Levels in the Operation Stage

Estimation of noise / vibration impacts caused by proposed additional or new railway traffic: Estimation

Prediction: Noise / vibration levels (LAeq) due to additional or new train traffic on features and sensitive receptors.

Recommendations of mitigation measure:

In order to keep a control on noise and vibrations in sensitive areas, mitigation measures may be recommended

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